C Place gets hit by house robbers

Koraal Street became the target of well organised criminals in the early hours of Wednesday morning as they robbed a house of a flat screen tv and cell phones, while the occupants were sleeping.
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After having removed a security gate at the back door of the house, the thugs broke into the house and the resident woke up to find one of them crawling on the bedroom floor to get to the cell phones.
“Thanks to Smhart Security who were quickly on the scene and caused the robbers to leave the bigger items in the garden next door,” said the resident.
“The Police and the dog unit were both on the scene but could not find the thieves,” added the resident.
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There was also a house robbery in Laura Street in St Francis Bay on Wednesday evening – again with the house being occupied.
Calibre Security arrested the suspect at 7 o’clock yesterday morning, walking across the golf course.
The Police were able to link a bag he was carrying to another case they are investigating.

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