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The Kouga Cricket Performance Centre (KCPC) is a program initiated by Mornè Strydom a few years ago to up the level of cricket coaching and player skills in the region.
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The vision of KCPC is to develop excellent young cricketers and to give them the opportunity to reach their maximum potential.
Some of the goals of this program are to increase the number of cricket players chosen for district teams and increase the number of qualified cricket coaches in the Kouga region.
Young cricketers, throughout the Kouga area that show talent, are selected to be part of this centre. The cricketers receive excellent coaching and are given the opportunity to play matches against other competitive cricket teams.
In order to give equal opportunity to all young cricketers to be selected, no fees are charged.  This centre runs on the support of businesses and individuals who contribute towards this program in the form of donations or sponsorships.

“We would also like to especially thank Woodlands Dairy for their loyal support and Victory Christian School for making their sports field available to KCPC,” said Tanja Bester from KCPC.
In order to run with the vision KCPC needs the community’s support.
For further information or to find out how you can contribute in the form of donations or sponsorships please contact the treasurer, Tanja Bester via email at [email protected].
You can also follow KCPC on Facebook.

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