Car stolen in Wavecrest last night

Leadwood and Blombos streets in Wavecrest were the targets of criminals in Jeffreys Bay last night.

This car has been stolen in Jeffreys Bay
This car has been stolen in Jeffreys Bay

Just after midnight, two people, dressed in dark clothing entered the yard of a resident in Blombos Street. Luckily he spotted them and shouted at the potential thieves, who then ran away, but not before breaking into a motor vehicle on the premises.
In Leadwood Street a red Citi Golf, registration FZY 862 EC was stolen in the early hours of the morning.
Another car was broken into and the radio was stolen out of the car, also in Leadwood Street.
Any crime incidents can be reported to JBay News via [email protected], or on facebook at the JBay Neighbourhood Watch page.
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