Red tide returns to Eastern Cape coast

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has confirmed another red tide along the metro’s coastline.

Red tide at night. Photo: Clive Wright
Red tide at night. Photo: Clive Wright

Spokesperson, Roland Williams says this is caused by plankton that blooms in the heat, and that gives it a red colouring.
He says this particular plankton is alien to this part of the world, and comes from the Nordic region.
Williams says apparently a ship from the Nordic region was in Algoa Bay recently, and was cleaned – hence the appearance of the plankton off Port Elizabeth.
He says the plankton is toxic, and will affect marine life.
Williams says it is however, not toxic enough to cause harm to humans, and it is safe to swim.
He says the red tide will remain all summer long, and will probably spread along the coastline.
Source: Algoa FM
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