Eskom’s energy crisis being shrouded in secrecy

With Eskom again warning of the threat of imminent load shedding, due to “unforeseen technical problems”, the silence from the Minister of Public Enterprise, Ms Lynne Brown, is deafening.

Majuba Power Station. Photo Eskom
Majuba Power Station. Photo Eskom

No one at Eskom or the department of Public Enterprises is willing to answer any questions.
For a number of weeks now, the DA has been pushing on every front to get information out of Minister Brown to determine:

  • When Eskom plans to implement load shedding again, and what the plan is to avoid load shedding in general?
  • What the true natures of the problems at Majuba are?
  • Whether maintenance on the silos at Majuba was properly done? We have requested the maintenance reports on a number of occasions, with no responses forthcoming.
  • What are the technical problems at other power stations that are placing more pressure on the grid?

Reports suggest today that there is another cracked coal silo at Majuba, and that load shedding could soon be implemented again.
This raises further questions about what is really going on at Eskom. It does not bode well that Eskom and the Department is concealing this information.
One has to wonder what it is that they are hiding.
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