Beware of false prophets says SA Police

The South African Police have warned the public about deceitful prophets operating around Rustenburg where several complaints have  recently been received.
crime court hammer
Cases have been registered at the Mogwase and Koster police stations.
It is alleged that complainants were approached by strangers who claimed to be prophets and ultimately robbed them of their belongings, including cash.
According to the information, after approaching the victims, the deceitful prophets will give them a prophecy and will convincingly inform the victims about their financial challenges, relationship status and other social challenges.
The victims would then be informed about a miracle prayer to resolve all the challenges.
The unsuspecting victims will then be hypnotised and robbed during the prayer session.
In some instances, the suspects accompanied the victims to their residences after convincing them that prayers will be stronger and effective when done at home.
The victims will then be hypnotised and property such as televisions, cellphones, laptops, computers, cash and other electrical appliances will be taken.
According to the  available information, the suspects are also targeting students by promising to assist them during examinations.
No one has been arrested at this stage and investigations are continuing.
The public is urged to be on the alert and to avoid street and house prayers offered by strangers.

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