DA demands proof of Majuba silo maintenance

The Democratic Alliance has demanded that the Government release the maintenance records of the Majuba silo which collapsed recently, leading to rolling blackouts across South Africa.

Majuba Power Station. Photo Eskom
Majuba Power Station. Photo Eskom

Democratic Alliance MP Natasha Michael has made a formal request for all maintenance records for the silos at Majuba power station, in particular the information relating to the quantity, quality and nature of coal stored in the silos.
“The use of wet coal would increase the risk of damage to silos. Given previous media reports detailing Eskom’s widespread use of wet coal, I believe this is a legitimate concern that should be directly addressed,” said Michael.
On November 1, a coal storage silo, which stored over 10,000 tons of coal, collapsed, affecting coal supplies to all six units at the Majuba power station.
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Trade union Solidarity said the silo had been showing signs of stress since January and Eskom had done nothing to correct the problem.
Michael also wanted clarity on what plans Eskom has to keep South Africa’s power on over the next few months.
“Power outages are jeopardising countless jobs, and it cannot be tolerated any longer. It is simply scandalous that our country has to face a crisis that could have been avoidable with proper planning and administration by those in power,” added Michael.

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