Resident thwarts house robbery in Wavecrest

There was an attempted housebreaking in Wavecrest at 3 am this morning.
crime handcuffs bars
A local resident woke up hearing some noises outside. He then looked through his bedroom sliding door and saw a man trying to open another sliding door on top floor terrace.
“I slammed against the door, he jumped over the balcony, into a palm tree and slid down the tree, jumped over the gate and was then joined by a second man,” said the resident.
The two potential thieves ran down the street into the dark of the night.
“I have learnt a few lessons like no tree should provide access to top floor, my garden fence and gate is too low and the additional locks on sliding doors worked to prevent the midnight shopper from gaining access.
G4S was on the scene within 3 minutes,” added the Wavecrest resident.

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