Is President Zuma scamming South Africans once again?

South Africa is intrigued at the sudden, unexpected and very generous offer by the “Public Members Unit Team” to pay the money owed by President Zuma for the non-essential ‘security upgrades’ to his private residence at Nkandla.
These upgrades cost the South African taxpayer an estimated R246 million, and the Public Protector directed that Mr Zuma should pay a “reasonable” proportion of these costs, since he was clearly aware of the non-essential upgrades and must have known that they were not necessary for his or his family’s security.
The “Public Members Unit Team” gives its address as 250 Avoca Hills Drive, Avoca Hills, in Durban.
According to the Property Profile supplied by the City of EThekwini, this property (erf 501 in the extent of 40,576 square metres) is vacant land, and a Google Map profile shows that too.
The DA has indicated that they will be conducting an in loco visit to assess the authenticity of this address and whether this address is indeed vacant.
Strange, too, is the fact that this property is also the headquarters of a Non-Profit Organisation known as Izigi Zentuthuko, registered on 4 July 2014 as NPO 138-929.
The purpose of this organisation, according to its constitution is “Primary health care and HIV/AIDS, to liaise with other community initiatives in creating awareness, and campaigns to address community needs”.

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Its purpose is certainly not to address Jacob Zuma’s needs, neither have the resources to pay R246 million, or even a proportion of that..
It is clear that this organisation is at best a front and a distraction and quite possibly a fraud.
The essential issue remains: the Public Protector has ordered remedial action.
The President must respect that finding or challenge it in open court.

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