Backpacker thief caught in JBay

A Jeffreys Bay accommodation establishment was robbed this week by a suspect who had booked into the backpacker.

backpacker suspect

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His deeds were captured on camera and he was evicted from the backpacker on Wednesday evening.
He however returned at 6 am yesterday morning and was again evicted but returned a third time at 3 am this morning.
Goods, cash and alcohol were stolen from the Backpackers during the incidents.
The man is alleged to have come from Port Elizabeth.
Accommodation establishments are urged to be aware of the modus operandi of travellers who pitch up without any transport and do not have ID documents.
They then proceed to pay cash up front for a few days, but end up stealing goods worth more than the accommodation they paid for.
Earlier in the week, an accommodation establishment in down town JBay was visited by a suspect who tried to steal goods out of the motor vehicles on the premises.
His actions were also caught on camera and can be viewed here.

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