Photo of the day – Leopard in Kruger National Park

leopard kruger clive wright
St Francis Bay photographer Clive Wright captured this image of a male leopard during a visit to Kruger National Park.
Leopards are the least social of the African big cats. They usually keep to themselves, lurking in dense riverine bush or around rocky koppies, emerging to hunt late in the afternoon or at night.
The leopard is a graceful animal with an elongated body, relatively short legs and a long tail.
After the lion, it is the next-biggest African cat with an average body mass of between 60kg and 70kg, standing about two-thirds of a metre tall at the shoulder.
Leopards in the wild may live up to 15 years.
Unlike the lion, the leopard is a silent creature, only occasionally emitting a cough-like call.

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