Emma Smith wins the Billabong Junior

Small and onshore waves didn’t deter the best junior surfers in the country as they tore the Seal Point waves apart in their bids for event and series titles.

Shane Sykes carving to victory at Seal Point. Photo: Ian Thurtell
Shane Sykes on carving to victory at Seal Point. Photo: Ian Thurtell

In an exciting finish to the 2014 Billabong Junior Series, the finalists all threw caution to the wind, going for broke in the marginal conditions.
In the U12 Boys final it was young York Van Jaarsveldt who outpointed Tide Lee Ireland for the win, while in the U14 Girls division it was Kirsty McGillivray who took the win from Anne Jellema-Butler.
In the fiercely contested U14 Boy Final it was Sebastian Williams who took victory from Koby Oberholzer.
Ruth Armstrong won the U16 Girls division beating Crystal Hulett, while Adin Masencamp took out the U16 Boys division from Alex Van Rijswick.
The Pro Junior Women’s final was a close one, with the two JBay sisters, Emma and Gina Smith, placing first and second, with Teal Hogg and Crystal Hulett in third and fourth.
The Pro Junior Men’s heat was an action-packed affair, with the 4 surfers going for broke in the highly contestable high-tide conditions.
Adin Masencamp, showing some fatigue after winning his U16 final, placed fourth, and Josh Smit failed to find the connecting waves and came third. JBay surfer Dylan Lightfoot, who was surfing fast and dynamic, wasn’t able to beat an on-form Shane Sykes, who totally dominated the final and earned the biggest heat score of the event in the process.
JBay local Dylan Lightfoot. Photo: Clive Wright
JBay local Dylan Lightfoot. Photo: Clive Wright

Final Event Results
U12 Boys Final
1. York Van Jaarsveldt
2. Tide Lee Ireland
3. Dylan Hendriks
4. Kye McGregor
U14 Girls Final
1. Kirsty McGillivray
2. Anne Jellema-Butler
3. Zoe Smith
4. Olivia Izzard
U14 Boys Final
1. Sebastian Williams
2. Koby Oberholzer
3. Karl Steen
4. Max Elkington
U16 Girls Final
1. Ruth Armstrong
2. Crystal Hulett
3. Cana Foster
4. Taghiti Gericke
U16 Boys Final
1. Adin Masencamp
2. Alex Van Rijswick
3. Jake Elkington
4. Joshe Faulkner
Core Surf
Pro Junior Women’s Final
1. Emma Smith
2. Gina Smith
3. Teal Hogg
4. Crystal Hulett
Pro Junior Men’s Final
1. Shane Sykes
2. Dylan Lightfoot
3. Josh Smit
4. Adin Masencamp

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