More houses robbed in Wavecrest

Information received from Wavecrest residents indicate that there were more housebreakings that took place last weekend in the suburb.
house robber pic
One Wavecrest home was robbed while the residents were fast asleep.
“They broke open my back door and bent open the bars on the security gate to gain entry,” reported one resident, who also said she was aware of a number of other house breaking’s that took place last weekend.
“We suspect they targeted the house as there was a GP registered car outside (my friends arrived hours earlier from Jhb) and therefore I didn’t activate the alarm.
We spotted the robbers around 1 am, alerted the police and our security firm who responded and then the thieves returned somewhere between 4 and 6 am.
They stole a lot of stuff, including Ipads,  cellphones, wallets. handbags, laptops, cigarettes and jewellery.”
There has also been an increase in attempts to steal motor vehicles in Wavecrest and residents are urged to secure their vehicles at night where possible and to make sure that alarms have been activated before going to bed.
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