Car crash in da Gama road causes sewage spill

The car accident that took place around 9 am on Sunday morning caused a sewage spill onto the beach at the Boneyards surf break.

One of the bakkie's involved in the accident. Photo: Robbie Irlam
One of the bakkie’s involved in the accident. Photo: Robbie Irlam

Two bakkies were involved in the accident when one bakkie drove into the back of another one, which then overturned and ended up crashing into an electrical mini sub station, causing a power failure in lower Wavecrest.
Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured in the accident. although fines were issued to the drivers for driving without a valid drivers license, according to W/O Seekoei from the South African Police.
The power failure caused the Beach Hotel sewage pump station to stop operating, which then resulted in the sewage spill at the Checkers car park.
The flow of sewage onto the beach at Boneyards was clearly visible. There was no surfers in the water at the time, due to strong onshore winds.
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