Suspected robbers caught on film

A Jeffreys Bay resident has caught on film, two suspected house breakers who regularly visit Wavecrest at night.
jbay crime
According to information supplied on the Facebook page JBay Watch, the two suspects come from the golf course and then cross Myrtle Road, before moving towards the BP garage.
They have been spotted on camera on the following dates:  1/7, 12/7, 16/7, 25/7, 1/9, 3/9, 10/9, and 27/9.
They normally start operating between 23:30 en 24:00.
According to the home owner, this weekend was the first time the suspects have appeared during bad weather.
He confirms that it is the same two men every time and the last few instances they have carried a bolt cutter with them.

Housebreakings have shown a dramatic increase of 20 % over the last year in Jeffreys Bay and the Democratic Alliance has called for real time crime stats to be released country wide, so that residents can at least be informed about what is happening in their suburbs.
“What help is it to a home owner to find out now that 18 months ago there was a massive increase in car hijackings or house robberies in his area?” said Diane Barnard, the DA Shadow Minister of Police

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