Bring back specialised units says SA Police Union

SAPUThe South African Policing Union has stated that they neither surprised nor shocked by the latest crime statistics in the country.
“The fact that crimes like murder, attempted murder and robbery are on the increase whilst rape has declined vindicates SAPU’s long held view that the SAPS must re-open specialized units within the police.
The decline in crimes like rape can be attributed to the success of specialist units like Family Violence and Sexual Offences,” said Oscar Skommere from SAPU.
“We are still calling for the swiftly re establishment of specialist units like Murder and Robbery, Serious and Violent Crimes and other units that successfully combated crime in our society.
The crime statistics also clearly shows the total collapse of the Crime Intelligence unit that is costing the country dearly.
SAPU has always maintained that there should not be no politics in the SAPS, they are a recipe for disaster. It is now time
that the SAPS go to basics first things first.
The crime situation in South Africa has reached crisis mode that needs urgent attention,” concluded Skommere.
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