Give us real time crime stats says DA

The Democratic Alliance shadow minister of police, Dianne Kohler Barnard said the party was deeply concerned for all South Africans after the police’s statistics showed that 17,068 murders were recorded in the 2013/2014 year.

South Africans are under siege from criminals
South Africans are under siege from criminals

This equates to 47 South Africans being murdered every day.
The number of murders was what one would expect to be reported from a country at war, added Barnard.
She said real time crime statistics needed to be available at every police station and not just as an announcement once a year.
“What help is it to a home owner to find out now that 18 months ago there was a massive increase in car hijackings or house robberies in his area?”
Having real time statistics was the only way people could protect themselves, Kohler Barnard said.
Institute for Security Studies senior researcher for crime and justice Johan Burger said the statistics proved what the institute had been saying for some time – that violent crimes would go up as well as murder and attempted murder.
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