Stolen traffic cop vehicle found in Jeffreys Bay

A traffic police vehicle that was stolen in Uitenhage, was discovered on Wednesday evening in Plane Street, Jeffreys Bay.

JBay can not be allowed to become a gangster paradise. Photo: Joey Nel
JBay can not be allowed to become a gangster paradise. Photo: Joey Nel

No arrests have been made so the motive behind why the criminals would have stolen the vehicle in Uitenhage and come to Jeffreys Bay remains unknown.
However, the Jeffreys Bay Police were not taking any chances and responded to the situation with a number of policemen.
A witness, who has chosen to remain anonymous said he was driving in Plane Street around 9 pm and saw a number of policemen around the traffic cop vehicle.
“There were about 8 – 10 policemen on the scene and some of them were heavily armed,” said the Jeffreys Bay resident.
One can only assume that the criminals who stole the vehicle were not in Jeffreys Bay with good intentions.
Following the armed robbery at O’ Chorros last weekend, where an arrest was made in Port Elizabeth, we can only hope that armed gangs have not decided to target Jeffreys Bay.
One thing is clear however, and that is our local Police are prepared to take on these thugs as can be seen by the response to the situation on Wednesday evening.
As residents we cannot leave the job to the Police alone. We need to join our neighbourhood watches and become part of the solution.
Nobody expects residents doing neighbourhood watch to try apprehend criminals – that remains the job of the Police.
However, the more visible law enforcement is in the town, the less chance gangs from out of town will consider Jeffreys Bay to be easy pickings.
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The tipping point has not yet been reached in Jeffreys Bay, despite the increase in crime over the past decade. We are not like Johannesburg at this stage.
To ensure we never go down that path, will take a community effort.
We all need to play our part in the war against crime in Jeffreys Bay.

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