Stick fighting at Kouga Heritage Festival

Students from the Makukhanye school in Jeffreys Bay have taken the challenge to revive stick fighting, which is one of the respected African traditions.
stick fighting
Each combatant is armed with two long sticks, one of which is used for defence and the other for attack. Very little protection is used.
In modern times this usually occurs as part of the wedding ceremony where warriors from the bridegroom’s household and area welcome warriors from the bride’s household and area to meet and “get to know each other”.
Stick fighting is also being revived in townships around South Africa.
10 Makukhanye students will be staging demonstrations and classes during the opening day of the Kouga Heritage Festival, which is on Friday, September 26.
These demonstrations will revolve around lessons such holding the stick, holding the stick in a defensive form and using the stick on attack.
Known as “Africa’s own Martial Art” stick fighting is included in the Heritage Festival because it is both historical and recreational, says Carleen Arends, Local Economic Development (LED) and Tourism Director for the Kouga municipality.

Stick fighting’s heritage in the Eastern Cape dates back hundreds of years.
It is included in many African rituals and ceremonies as an act of bravery and skill.
All demonstrations on stick fighting during the Kouga Heritage Festival will be held at Kouga Cultural Centre.
Don’t miss out on the Kouga Heritage Festival starting on Friday, September 26 and ending on Sunday, September 28.
The venue for the Kouga Heritage Festival is the Kouga Cultural Centre in Humansdorp, which is at the entrance to the town from the N2, on the corner of Voortrekker road and Heugh roads.

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