Perlemoen farm for Eastern Cape

A proposed abalone ranch between Schoenmakerskop and Cape Recife in Port Elizabeth has been given the green light by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
perlemoen shell
The managing director of Wild Coast Abalone, Richard Clark, says they have been awarded rights for 10-years to conduct experimental abalone ranching in the area.
“The Company that has been awarded the rights is a fishing company based in PE. Wild Coast Abalone is a service provider, we put the abalone back in the ocean.
We currently have seeded just over 100 000 perlemoen in the area. The aim is to have about a half a million abalone seeded back into the Cape Recife area”

Clark says measures have also been put into place to combat poaching in the ranching area.
“The problem is that the poaching is still a major issue and the poachers are still carrying on. Several companies have been tasked to look after the abalone in the area.
The view was taken that it would be financial suicide to take on something like this without having strong presence in terms of protecting the resource, which now legally belongs to the ranching company” he added.
Source: Algoa FM

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