Cape Town wins case in e-tolling fiasco

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Western Cape has hailed the victory scored by City of Cape Town in the High Court this week.
e toll
The City opposed SANRAL’s application to keep all documents relating to their plans for tolling in the Western Cape secret.
In an attempt to keep the people of the Western Cape in the dark about their proposed tolling of the N1 and N2 highways, SANRAL tried to prevent the City of Cape Town from filing papers in an open court.
However, the Court dismissed their secrecy application and the City of Cape Town will subsequently deliver its papers in an open court.
The City wants information about the cost of the proposed project, the planned tolling tariffs as well as the expected revenue and the costs paid to the tolling operator.

The DA has vehemently opposed the tolling of highways in the Western Cape.
“We will continue to support the City in all its efforts to stop SANRAL’s N1/N2 tolling project. Just like in Gauteng, SANRAL wanrs to pump billions into this project, at the taxpayers’ expense,” said the DA in a statement.
“It is becoming abundantly clear that SANRAL’s N1/N2 tolling project is doomed to fail. It will hit poor commuters hardest. It will increase the cost of basic goods and make Cape Town less competitive and will kill jobs. We will fight it all the way,” the statement continued.

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