Horror rape on Main Beach

The South African Police have confirmed that a young woman was raped on Main Beach last weekend after a night out at a local bar.
A young couple decided to take a walk along Main Beach to spend some time alone when an unknown man approached them and grabbed the handbag from the woman.
“Her male friend chased after the thief when a second suspect approached the woman and proceeded to rape her, said WO Gerda Swart from the South African Police.
“A case has been opened and is under investigation,” added Swart.
truewan june 14
In a separate incident that took place earlier the same night on Main Beach, a local resident left his goods on his boat and upon his return discovered that his cell phone and cash has been stolen.
A case of theft has been opened and is being investigated.
Residents are urged not to walk on Main Beach late at night unless they are in a large group. The days of taking a solitary midnight stroll along the Jeffreys Bay beaches is sadly long gone.

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