JBay locals shine at Billabong Junior Series

Day 2 of the Billabong Junior Series kicked off this morning with the competitors heading into fun, contestable waves on the morning low tide at Long Beach in Cape Town.

Joshe Faulkner. Photo ©IanThurtell
Joshe Faulkner. Photo ©IanThurtell

Once again it was all about small wave surfing performance, and the best junior surfers in the country were whipping their small wave boards around in the waist high waves in a bid to make the finals of their respective divisions.
In the Pro Junior men it was JBay local Joshe Faulkner, Slade Prestwich, Diran Zakarian and Jordy Maree who shone in the pristine conditions, doing enough to impress the judges and win their respective heats.
JBay surfer Gina Smith was a stand out in the Pro Junior women’s, with fellow JBay wave rider Rewaldo Abersalie winning his U16 Boys heat, by packing in the moves in the small but clean waves.
“It was quite challenging out there, and you had to be really picky to get the best ones, and try and get a lot of speed out of them,” said Gina Smith after her semi-final heat.
“We had mostly lefts,and there weren’t that many so I got super busy because with such few waves every minute counts, and it was actually pretty fun.
This contest has been amazing, and everyone’s super-stoked here at the event.”
The contest site. Photo: Ian Thurtell
The contest site. Photo: Ian Thurtell

At lunch time the contest organisers opted for a dual contest format, with half of the competitors moving across to a peak at Crons, while the Pro Junior division continued to battle it out at the Main Peak at Long Beach.
“We saw a nice little sand bank forming over at Crons and decided to catch up some of the heats we didnt run yesterday,” said Billabong’s Marketing Manager Chad D’Arcy.
“There are some great little waves there for the juniors, they’re getting some high scoring rides, and this is great practise for the ASP World Qualifying Series as they often experience smaller waves, and our surfers need to hone their skills when the waves are small.”

The conditions remained highly contestable throughout the afternoon, utilising the dual contest format, and the large number of competitors was eventually whittled down to those who will be surfing the semi finals and finals tomorrow.
The conditions for tomorrow are predicted to pick up slightly, the weather to remain balmy, and it promises to be an exciting finish to this the 50th Billabong Junior Series event presented by BOS.

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