50 % of Port Elizabeth's water supply at risk

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has urged residents to use water sparingly after a large bulk water pipeline burst on the West side of Maitlands.
pe burst pipe
Metro spokesperson, Mthubanzi Mniki says that the pipeline is a major water supply to the city and affects the water supply to more than 50% of the metro.
Consumers are cautioned not to fill containers in advance as this will deplete current resources.
The metro has advised that at this point in time reservoirs are full for the immediate distribution of water for community needs.
Metro Director of Water and Sanitation Services, Barry Martin, stressed that members of the public should stay away from the site near Maitlands River, as it is very dangerous.
He added that the Churchill pipeline burst is not area specific because of a integrated water system in place.

“The water supply system is integrated and although you might not be on the part of the city where the burst has occurred it will affect you because all systems feed from one to the other.
As such in order to keep water for all available we cautioning the citizens to use water sparingly so the little that we have, although all the reservoirs are full at the moment, we would like that to go further.” says Martin.
The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality anticipate the water pipe to repaired within two weeks.
Source: Algoa FM

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