Residents concerned about crime in JBay

At the recent Community Police Forum (CPF) meeting held in Jeffreys Bay on Monday, residents made it clear that they are concerned about the rising level of crime in the town.
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This despite the police’s assurance that housebreakings in the area are on the decrease.
At the meeting theft out of motor vehicles was highlighted as a concern. Residents have been requested to secure sliding doors, as many house invasions take place when criminals gain access through sliding doors.
The lack of vehicles affecting the service of Detective Department will also be taken up to ensure speedy service delivery.
The police were however scathing about the Jeffreys Bay community talking about crime and the Jeffreys Bay Police on social media networks like Facebook.

“According to the police, 90% of what residents talk about on social media is absolute rubbish,” says DA councillor Brenton Williams.
“Yet, social media is exactly what residents are using to inform each other about crime in their suburbs, as the police are not allowed to release crime statistics to the community.
Social media is a powerful tool that can be used to monitor what people are saying about a brand, in this case the police.
“Instead of attacking residents who attended a meeting to help in the fight against crime, perhaps a better approach would be for the police to engage on social media and interact with the residents via a phone call or meeting to iron out issues that are of concern to both the police and the community.”

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