JBay Knife attack victim speaks out

Jeffreys Bay is still in shock over the vicious knife attack that took place last Friday night in the main street of the town, which caused the death of Robbie Paver.
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One of the other victims of the assault has spoken to JBay News, but has requested  that he remains anonymous, due to fear of retribution.
According to the young man from Jeffreys Bay, the suspect in the murder of Paver, began to hassle his group of friends, who were playing pool at the Havannah Bar in down town Jeffreys Bay.
“I told him to chill as we didn’t want any trouble but he just kept on and then he hit me.
I grabbed him and held him down and said he must stop it and go away but he then bit me.
I let him go and turned to walk away as I didn’t want to fight but he then hit me again from behind and I retaliated.
A bouncer from another club then intervened and pushed me against the wall.
While I was explaining to the bouncer that I didn’t start the fight, the aggressor came at me again and hit me again, but this time, he actually stabbed me.
The bouncer then hit the guy and that’s when Robbie’s friend came to help and was stabbed in the stomach.
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Robbie then realised that we had both been stabbed and he ran after the aggressor and that’s when he was stabbed in the neck.
It was all so unnecessary and we always go play pool at Havannah because it is usually a quiet pub where nothing much happens’, said the victim.
Police arrested 18 year old Damian Peters from Pellsrus for the murder of Robbie Paver.
Peters will appear for his bail hearing in the Humansdorp Magistrates Court this morning.

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