Residents demand action against criminals

Jeffreys Bay residents feel that they are under siege from criminals, following the fatal stabbing of a young man outside a bar last Friday night.
Local youngsters have also been attacked and one was stabbed near the Skate Park recently as well.
Contact crimes in the informal settlements of Jeffreys Bay are also occurring, with another murder taking place in Ocean View last weekend.
This morning, residents woke to the sound of a number of gunshots being heard in the AD Keet Street area of Wavecrest.
Reports of housebreakings from all the suburbs in Jeffreys Bay are regular features on social media, yet the Jeffreys Bay Police are not allowed to tell anybody what the real situation is.
The Minister of Police does not allow the release of actual crime stats in real time and communities must wait for the Annual Crime Stats report, which is released once a year.
“In effect, residents cannot protect themselves as we do not know what the threats facing us are,” said DA Councillor Brenton Williams.
“Crime stats that are between 12 – 18 months out of date are useless in the fight against criminals who are breaking into our houses in what seems to be a regular basis in Jeffreys Bay.
Residents need to know what is going on in their suburbs in real time and anything less than that is totally unacceptable.
It also makes a mockery of the Police Act of 1995 which says that the fight against crime must be a partnership between the community and the Police,” added Williams.

The leader of the DA in Kouga, ELza van Lingen agrees with Williams, following a number of house breakings in St Francis Bay, in which elderly people were targeted.
“Crime is on the increase in Kouga and the DA has called on the Minister of Police to immediately release the crime stats for all the Police stations in the Kouga, but particularly Jeffreys Bay, Humansdorp and St Francis Bay.
We are receiving regular reports of criminal activities, including murder from these towns,” said Van Lingen.
“I have also queried whether the Police in our region are adequately staffed,” added Van Lingen.
Any reports of crime can be emailed to [email protected]

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