Back to Business for EPRU Referees

The Eastern Province Rugby Referees Society will return to adjudicating Eastern Province Rugby Union club matches, after EPRU cancelled all club games last weekend over the poor treatment of referees.

Photo: Zane Hobson
Photo: Zane Hobson

Eastern Province Rugby Union President, Cheeky Watson, confirmed that he had met with the referees last week to address their concerns.
“EPRU has made it clear that the type of behaviour towards referees that has been displayed of late is simply unacceptable and the maximum penalties will be imposed against the clubs should this behaviour continue,” said Watson.
Watson said the clubs had been instructed that, going forward, whenever a club hosts a home game, the hosting club will be responsible for appointing four officials to meet the referee at his mode of transport.
“These four officials will be mandated with the task of being the custodians of the referee until such time as he leaves the premises.”
“Further the club shall also ensure that the referee’s mode of transport will be protected at all times, from his arrival until his departure,” he said.
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Watson said these procedures would be in place with immediate effect going forward, and any referee officiating at a club match should be treated in this manner.
“Clubs have also been reminded that they have an important role to play in educating their members and their supporters about proper conduct during a game,” he said.

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