Housebreakings continue in Jeffreys Bay

As the eyes of the world focused on Jeffreys Bay for the annual JBay Winterfest, unfortunately the criminal element continued to rob houses and attack youngsters in our town.
crime scene
A young boy was attacked at the skate park and stabbed for his cell phone recently. He required attention at the Poli Clinic for the wounds he received during the attack.
Housebreakings continued over the past weekend in Wavecrest, with a family being held at gun point after robbers gained access to the house around 4 am on Friday night, through a door on the second floor. According to reports, the Police responded rapidly to the request for help.
Another home was broken into in Wavecrest where the robbers gained access through a sliding door on the second floor and broke the security gate as well.
Laptops, cell phones and personal items were stolen in this robbery.
Residents can report all criminal activities to [email protected] or share the information on the Jeffreys Bay facebook page.

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