Flamingo Trail run today at Supertubes

A lot can be say about the stretch of beach between Kabeljous River Mouth and Gamtoos River, whether it is the sea birds, flamingos, dolphins or even whales that patrol this coastline there is always something to see and experience.

The Flamingo Trail Run has its challenges
The Flamingo Trail Run has its challenges

For fishermen it is a fishing haven and often one finds fishermen that spend the whole night on this stretch of beach in the hope of catching the big one.
For  runners, this trail is one of the most accessible and enjoyable beach runs in the Jeffreys Bay area.
The Flamingo Trail Run starts at the world famous Supertubes surf spot, the runners run over some loose sand and rock for about 2 km before they start the real journey past the Kabeljous lagoon and either onto the trail for the shorter run or down the beach to Gamtoos river mouth for the longer run.
At low tide the sand is hard under your feet and whether you do the 12km run or the more challenging 28 km run this event is guaranteed to give you a unique beach, dunes and fijnbosch trail experience.
Although the climate on this piece of coast is generally mild in July it can be stormy if a cold front is moving up the coast. So remember to pack the buffs, long tops and tights.
JBay WinterFest
When it is pouring with rain and you’re blowing along through the wet drops falling on your face, there is satisfaction in knowing that you’re out there enjoying nature and her elements.
Forming part of the JBay Winterfest, in true trail running tradition, the vision for this run is to enjoy the outdoors, taking only memories with you and leaving only our footprints behind.
The Flamingo Trail Run starts today at 12 pm from the Supertubes Park.
Happy running!

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