RIP Nadine Gordimer

One of South Africa’s intellectual giants, Nadine Gordimer has died peacefully in her sleep, according to a family statement.
nadine gordimer
“She was 90 years old, and will be lovingly remembered by her family, friends and literary colleagues,” the statement said. “Her son Hugo and daughter Oriane, and her caring helpers were with her.
“She cared most deeply about South Africa, its culture, its people, and its on going struggle to realise its new democracy.
Her proudest days were not only when she was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1991, but also when she testified at the Delmas Trial in 1986, to contribute to saving the lives of 22 ANC members, all of them accused of treason,” the statement said.
Gordimer was born in the mining town of Springs on November 20, 1923, the daughter of a Jewish immigrant father from Russia, Nan, and a mother, Isidore, from England.
Gordimer’s writing dealt with moral and racial issues, particularly apartheid in South Africa. Under that regime, works such as Burger’s Daughter and July’s People were banned. She was also active in HIV/AIDS causes.
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