Learn how to predict the waves

Surf forecaster and founder of Wavescape, Spike, gives a multi-media presentation to depict how waves form, how swell moves through the sea, what happens when it arrives at the coast, and the best ways of improving your accuracy when deciding when to surf.
swell courseThis graphical journey also brings home the catastrophic power of nature. Forecasting insights give it a unique perspective with appeal to all ocean users or interested parties.Spike will show the genesis of ocean storms, destructive force of waves, video in intense hurricanes, freak wave damage, tsunamis, ways to understand wave period, interpreting weather models, forecasting tips, storm and big wave case studies.
Who is it for?
Ocean sports (surfers, swimmers, sailors, kiters, boardsailors, divers, paddlers); marine industry (Salvors, harbour workers, lifeguards, fisheries, shipping): Recreation (beachgoers, anglers); Other (retirees, paragliders, marine tour guides, oil rig staff, naval officers)
What is the format?
Part 1 (40 minutes): Genesis of storms and swell, how to define and observe swell, and the mathematical connection to energy dictated by the formation of swell
Part 2 (30 minutes): Propagation of swell, role of period, destructive forces, how swell becomes surf, shoaling, storm damage, shipwrecks
Part 3 (45 minutes): The Internet, weather models, prediction and interpreting the data, big wave case studies, questions and open forum

6pm to 8.30pm
Wed 16 July
 – Jeffreys Bay: Love Food Cafe, 4 Da Gama Road

Cost R180, includes dinner

To book, click here www.wavescape.co.za
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