Add some Spice – Nik Rabinowitz to perform in St Francis Bay

Nik Rabinowitz
Nik Rabinowitz
St Francis Links curry evenings are already heavenly hot but during our dark & stormy winter it is time to spice it up.
a large dollop of laughter has been added to the evening. The stirrer of the stew is none other than one of SA’s best known comedians Nik Rabinowitz.
In the words of his manager “he has established himself as the world’s leading Xhosa-speaking Jewish comedian.”
All well and good for the Mother City but he is now in Surfers Paradise, to his credit he also speaks surf. In actual fact by his own admission he is somewhat obsessed with surfing.
Nik is performing as his contribution to the greater good. The “greater good” in this case is the JBay Recycling Project.
The project started in January 2011. To date they have managed to provide a service to an average of 250 children every recycling day and they have passed the 250 tonne mark of total recyclables collected.
The core focus of the JBay Recycling Project is to empower children to reach their full potential, by providing them with the opportunity to make positive choices.
The project encourages the children to become entrepreneurs through the “value of effort in return for value and reward “approach.
SSF 15
Do not miss this opportunity to be part of the perfect winter, big waves, hot curry and heart warming laughter!
WHEN: Wednesday 9 July 2014
WHERE: St Francis Links
TIME: 19:00
TICKETS: R140.00 this will include your normal Currie Evening Meal with the added spice of “inspired satire” by Nik Rabinowitz
Pre-booking of tables is essential. Book by phoning St Francis Links on 042-200 4500

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