Unmanned sea kayak found in Port Elizabeth – NSRI requests assistance

The NSRI Port Elizabeth were notified earlier this evening of an unmanned fishing ski kayak (sea kayak/fishing kayak) washed up on the shoreline in the vicinity of Noordhoek, Port Elizabeth.
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NSRI has urgently requested assistance identifying who the kayak belongs to in case a person may be missing at sea.
The fishing kayak is Green and Yellow with the name MERMAID written on it.
The paddle has also washed up in the vicinity of Noordhoek. The paddle has a name or word WES written on it.
Car parks, launching sites and the shoreline are being scoured for any information that can assist rescue authorities to identify if a person is missing at sea or if the Fishing Kayak got washed out to sea and back to land unmanned.
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The NSRI, the SA Police, Coastal Rescue, the Nelson Mandela Bay Beach Managers Office, local Abalone Anti Poaching task force are all assisting in a search at present in an effort to identify if anyone is overdue or missing at sea but there is very little information to go one and it would help greatly if the owners, or someone, can identify whose fishing Kayak this is or if anyone knows of someone missing or overdue.
The Kayak and paddle are in good condition ruling out the possibility that they have been floating at sea for a long time.
Anyone with information that can help in identifying the fishing kayak or the owner to call SEA RESCUE: 0823803800 OR 0823241977.

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