Chaos at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

British Airways passengers around the world are finding themselves without luggage, as Heathrow’s Terminal 5 baggage system has been experiencing major IT failures since Thursday last week. BA is the only airline that operates from Terminal 5.
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On its website, Heathrow Airport said: “We are experiencing intermittent issues with the Terminal 5 baggage system, which has caused some bags to be processed manually.
Manual processing has led to some bags not making flights in time but flights are still operating as normal.
We are very sorry for any passengers affected and we are working with airlines to reunite passengers with their bags as quickly as possible.”
Travellers are advised to carry essential items in hand baggage where possible. However, British Airways stressed that normal hand baggage conditions would continue to apply.
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The airline has an online system in place for travellers to check on the latest reports on missing luggage.
Travellers needing to purchase essential items during their trip should keep all receipts and submit them on their baggage compensation claim to BA.

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