Protesters barricade the Aston Bay road

The link road between Jeffreys Bay and Aston Bay was blocked off at the traffic circle by protesters earlier this evening.

crime scene

The gathering of protesters, who blocked the road with concrete blocks and lit fires on and around the traffic circle was an illegal gathering.

This follows a legal march held by residents of Ocean View this morning. The march ended up with a demonstration at the Kouga Municipal offices in Jeffreys Bay.

The protesters are complaining about a lack of service delivery in Ocean View.

The Jeffreys Bay Police responded rapidly to the situation on the Aston Bay road this evening but were outnumbered by protesters initially, according to one Aston Bay resident.

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The mood is tense at present, although the road is being cleared of debris under the watchful eye of the Police and the Kouga Fire Department is putting out the fires.

“It is advisable not to use the road between Aston Bay – Jeffreys Bay and tonight if possible,” said DA Councillor Brenton Williams, who was at the scene tonight.

“If anybody really has to use the road, it is advisable to stop off at the Jeffreys Bay Police Station and obtain a situation update first.

Drive carefully as there is a lot of rock and debris in the road that is still being cleared,” added Williams.