Surfers chased out of water by shark in Jeffreys Bay

A Great White Shark cruising the line up at Supertubes in Jeffreys Bay caused a mass exit of surfers to the beach on Sunday.

The shark that buzzed a diver last weekend at Supertubes. Photo: Benji Willis
The shark that buzzed a diver last weekend at Supertubes. Photo: Benji Willis

This follows Benji Willis being buzzed by a 2 meter Great White Shark at Boneyards last Sunday while he was diving.

“The Great White pulled in and stole one of my fish while I was spear fishing on the Boneyards reef,” said Willis afterwards.

“The shark then came and checked me out while I was floating on top of the water. It was more cheeky than aggressive and it was quite a nervy experience,” added Willis.

There have been a few unconfirmed sightings of a shark at Supertubes during the week, but luckily there has been no adverse incident that has taken place.

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After spending some time on the beach on Sunday, the lure of cooking waves at Supertubes saw Big Wave World Champion Grant “Twig” Baker put on a shark shield and paddle back out into the line up.

He was soon followed by the rest of the 30 – 40 odd surfers who had earlier paddled frantically to the JBay beach when the shark was first spotted.

The danger posed by a juvenile Great White is that they can be inquisitive and check out humans swimming or surfing in the ocean more through curiosity, than there being any intent to attack.

The sharks spotted by Willis and the surfers at Supertubes is much smaller than the Great White Shark that attacked and killed Jeffreys Bay swimmer Burgert Van Der Westhuizen at Point in October last year.

Jeffreys Bay produced perfect waves again yesterday and there were plenty of surfers catching waves, without any shark incident.

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