Can Eskom keep the lights on?

Eskom needs to come clean with South Africans about the full extent of the problem we are facing and what is being done to solve this on-going crisis.

power lines

“To make sure that this happens without any further delay, the DA will submit a range of parliamentary questions to Lynne Brown, the Minister of Public Enterprises,” said Natasha Michael of the DA.

These will ensure that South African will know the following:

  • The current capacity shortage and all details regarding load-shedding, including where and when;
  • Maintenance plans on plants and the impact that it will have on the grid;
  • Details of plans to resolve the capacity crisis and what is being done to mitigate the impact on the economy and social services;
  • How much electricity is still being exported to our neighbours.

Blackouts are not only detrimental to our economy, but also pose a significant threat to key services to our citizens.

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Earlier this week a hospital in Khayelitsha was left without power due to an unexpected power cut which did not allow time for the hospital to make use of its generators.

With high demand and low capacity, Eskom’s bungling of this crisis could plunge South Africa into darkness.

South Africans deserve state enterprises that are accountable and that deliver.