More house robberies in Wavecrest

A Wavecrest resident had a lucky escape last night when his house was robbed, with the criminal coming into his bedroom and stealing a cell phone a mere 30 cm from his head.

The knife a robber carried with him during a Wavecrest robbery.
The knife a robber carried with him during a Wavecrest robbery.

Jaco Vlok, who lives in upper Wavecrest between die Vrieskas and Noorsekloof Road woke up to find his cell phone and wallet had been stolen. He estimates the time of the robbery to be between 12 – 3 am this morning.

This is the second time Vlok has been a victim of crime in recent months as he was previously robbed when he lived in Dogwood Road, also in Wavecrest.

“The robbers managed to open my backdoor and entered our home that way. They came right into my bedroom and luckily I did not wake up because I found a knife together with my wallet which had been emptied of all my cash outside. They also took out my sim card and just stole my phone.” said Vlok.

Vlok issued a warning to fellow residents to be on the lookout for beggars who cruise the suburbs asking for food. The modus operandi is for a beggar to ask for food, which gives him the opportunity to check out the security at a house and also whether there are dogs or not.

These beggars have no money for food, but they have money for airtime as they make calls right after visiting a house.

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Residents should also be aware that garden services often pick up people off the street to come and cut lawns, which also gives them the opportunity to check out a potential house to rob.

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There were unconfirmed reports of more house robberies that took place in Wavecrest last night as well. According to the information received, the house breaking’s all took place in the early hours of the morning.

Residents can use social media to let the community know if they become a victim of crime. It’s only through the sharing of information that the war against crime can be won in Jeffreys Bay.

Information can also be mailed to [email protected]

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