NSRI issues warning for Southern Cape coast

Dangerous sea conditions are predicted for the Western Cape and Southern Cape Coastline, according to the NSRI.

Supertubes at sunrise. Photo: Clive Wright
Supertubes at sunrise. Photo: Clive Wright

The cold front, expected to bring sea swells of up to 9 metres, gale force winds and excessive rain, coincides with the effects of the new moon Spring Tide that peaked on 28th May.

The effects of which will be felt for the next few days and intensify rough sea coastal conditions.

Seafarers be warned and do not launch to go to sea during this period unless you absolutely have to and those at sea should wear their life jackets at all times and take extra safety precautions.

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Also at risk are shoreline anglers and bathers and extreme caution is advised particularly in light of the Spring Tide conditions intensified by rough sea conditions.

The South African Weather Office has also issued a cold weather warning for the South Coast with snow expected in the mountains.

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