Zandberg wins case against Swim South Africa

The North Gauteng High Court on Wednesday ruled in favour of swimmer Gerhard Zandberg in his case against the Swimming South Africa (SwimSA).

Gerhard Zandberg - swimmers won't be bullied anymore.
Gerhard Zandberg – swimmers won’t be bullied anymore.

The swimmer was disciplined at the World Championships in Barcelona for switching hotel rooms without permission, just hours before his semi-final race in the 50 metres backstroke event.

Zandberg was handed a fine and a temporary ban, but did compete at this year’s South African National Championships.

Last week, SwimSA released a statement saying they were withdrawing their charges against him.

Zandberg on Wednesday told EWN Sport that it’s not only an important day for him but also for his fellow swimmers.

“Today was just about getting my name cleared, and freeing myself of the sanctions and the fine that was placed on me after the World Champs.

“This is for swimmers in general, just to prove that we have a foot to stand on and we’re not going to allow any bullying from any administration.”

Zandberg says despite the ban, he didn’t stop training and has his eyes on the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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“I am in training at the moment, and I will prepare for the Rio Olympics in 2016. Now that my name is clear, it will make things a little easier.”

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The ban handed down from SwimSA took its toll on Zandberg, who says it wasn’t easy financially.

“I did struggle a bit because Swimming SA blocked me from any form of income for the past eight months. Just to get back on my feet and to get started again will be difficult.

Hopefully it will work out. I am still fast, even though I’m 31-years-old.”

Jean Smyth | EWN Sport/ Zwem ZA

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