Great news for social media fans

SAA has launched a new online check-in feature, Social Check-In, that allows travellers to use their Facebook details to choose who they want to sit next to on their next flight.

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Using the social seat selector feature is quite straightforward. Travellers need to check in online on flysaa.com or on the mobi site and enter their flight details.

They can then share their Facebook details and select the profile details they wish to share with other passengers.

A seat map will pop up and allow passengers to view other passengers’ profile details and the seats they have chosen.

Travellers can then select seats next to people with the same interests or people who are going to the same events.

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Social Check-In is available for both local and international flights. Customers can check-in, view other passengers’ profiles and select their seat 24 hours before their flight.

Check-in closes 90 minutes before domestic flights depart and two hours before international flights.


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