Sannieshof municipal services come to a complete standstill

The Sannieshof municipal offices have been closed for the past 3 months with no services being rendered to the public.

Sewage spill in Jeffreys Bay. Are we better off than Sannieshof?
Sewage spill in Jeffreys Bay. Are we better off than Sannieshof?

Sannieshof is a small farming town situated in North West Province of South Africa. It started as a post office to serve the farms in the district and was named in honour of the first postmaster, John Voorendijk’s wife Sannie.

Residents cannot obtain any service a municipality is functionally obliged to render. Here follows a breakdown of the problems experienced in all departments:

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  • Serious bulk water shortages still prevailing since 2003.
  • Bulk water supply projects as per IDP cancelled by the Ngaka Modiri Molema District and the money spent on a municipal building in Mahikeng.
  • There is no disaster relief emergency water supply operational plan to roll out when needed.
  • The Rapid Response Unit of Premier could not resolve the said problem after being sent to resolve the problem.
  • The 4 emergency boreholes that was drilled in September 2013 are still not connected to the network to relief the bulk water supply problems
  • Sewerage reservoirs on residential and business properties constantly overflowing. Equipment not available to service the sites.
  • The waste water treatment works is totally neglected and dysfunctional. It received no maintenance and thus has no control over dumping of raw sewage it the environment.

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  • The license department closed down due to irregularities and a pending investigation.
  • All municipal tractors broke down causing no services in refuse removal
  • The residents paying for a gravesite, but having to dig the site themselves due to no municipal burial services available.
  • Consumer accounts not being sent out to the public and when they are sent out with inaccurate information and readings.
  • There is no consumer desk to report problems to.
  • The constant deterioration of street surfaces due to potholes and water damage done due to neglect by not resealing and maintaining the roads.
  • The electrical infrastructure not being able to supply electricity demand to new developments in residential or business areas
  • No public participation in the legal processes of Council.