House robbed twice in JBay

A local woman has been robbed twice in one week, both times in broad daylight.

Not even a security gate stopped the brazen thieves
Not even a security gate stopped the brazen thieves

The robberies took place in Diaz Road and occurred when Cassandra Camons was at work at the Kouga Municipality, which is situated just down the road from her home.

“The first robbery was on 8 May, when the robbers used my garden spade to first try get in through one of the security gates in my bedroom (I have 2 patio doors with security gates on); they couldnt access it, so they came around back of house and forced the patio door (that doesnt have a gate on yet),” said Cassandra.

“They came straight to my room and stole cellphone, iPad and cartons of cigarettes. All the drawers were opened and left like that. I walked in and found spade on the bed!”


“Then on 16 May they came back, this time ripped the other security gate out the wall and stole my gold jewellery and again cartons of cigarettes (which I had just bought the previous day!). It seems they brought their own tools with this time and only targeted my bedroom again,” added Camons.

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According to Camons, there has been a number of house robberies in the Diaz Road area over the past few weeks.

The Jeffreys Bay Police are not allowed to give out crime stats due to an embargo being placed upon them by the National Head Office of the South African Police.

This ruling does not help in the fight against crime, as the only way residents can know what is going on, is when a victim of crime is prepared to go public, like Camons.


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