Kouga voters support the DA

From the provisional results released by the IEC, the majority of voters in the Kouga now support the Democratic Alliance.

A split vote in Ward 14 meant the ANC won in Aston Bay
A split vote in Ward 14 meant the ANC won in Aston Bay

A total of 37 414 votes were cast in Kouga for South Africa’s national and provincial elections.

19 321 of these votes (52.18 %) were cast for the DA, with the ANC receiving 16 022 votes (43.27 %).

The only other parties that received more than 1 % of the vote were the Freedom Front + with 619 votes (1.67 %) and the Economic Freedom Fighters with 420 votes (1.13 %).

The danger of splitting the vote in the Kouga was once again highlighted in Ward 14 (Paradise Beach, Aston Bay, Tokyo Sexwale) where the ANC won the ward by 24 votes (provisional count).

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The Freedom Front + got 171 votes in this ward, effectively handing the ward to the ANC.

While this election has no bearing on who governs the Kouga, it is clear that the danger posed by voting for a minority party can affect who will control Kouga in 2016.

On a national level, the ANC is leading the vote count with 62 % with the DA on 22 %.

The DA has retained control of the Western Cape, while the ANC remains firmly in control in the Eastern Cape.