NSRI rescues divers on rubber duck

The St Francis Bay NSRI responded to eye witness accounts of a rubber duck in difficulty near Cape ST Francis on Saturday evening around 8.30 pm.

NSRI st francis eikos rescuer I

Apparently 6 men were onboard the rubber duck which was drifting towards the shore and a rocky section of coastline.

“Our sea rescue duty crew launched the SPIRIT OF ST FRANCIS II and responded,” said Marc May, from the NSRI in St Francis Bay .

“On arrival we found two men, claiming to be recreational divers, on a rubber-duck with motor failure.

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They had deployed an anchor to prevent them from drifting onto rocks and it appears that the remaining four men had swum ashore and were unharmed. With no lights on the boat we had located them by their shining a cell-phone light in our direction.

“We took them under tow and towed them safely to the harbour where they required no further assistance once safely ashore, added May.”

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