Jogger attacked on Kabeljous beach

A group of fishermen on Kalebjous Beach saved a young woman from potential harm when she was accosted while jogging on Kabeljous Beach over the weekend.

Kabeljous River. Photo: Clive Wright
Kabeljous River. Photo: Clive Wright

The young woman, who is a volunteer in Jeffreys Bay, was jogging near the sand dunes on the eastern side of the Kabeljous River when an African man, around 40 years of age, wearing black pants and a black hoody started following her.

He eventually caught up to her and grabbed her arm. The woman shouted at the man to let her go but he reached for his pocket and pulled out something that she thinks could have been a knife.

Luckily some fishermen on the beach witnessed what was happening and ran towards the woman. At this point the man let her go and ran away, with the fishermen in pursuit.

He eventually managed to escape.

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A couple of hours later another young woman was jogging along Kabeljous Beach when a man fitting the same description started following her.

The German woman went and sat near some fishermen and the man came and sat next to her. He said he was recently released from jail and was living in the dunes.

She noticed a tattoo on his chest. The woman then started jogging back towards Jeffreys Bay with the suspect following her for a short distance.

The cases have been reported to the Jeffreys Bay Police. Residents are warned not to walk or jog along the beach by themselves and to rather go in a group.