Huge crowds welcome Patricia de Lille in Humansdorp

The Democratic Alliance in the Kouga rolled out their big guns this weekend when Patricia de Lille, the mayor of Cape Town addressed a mass meeting in Humansdorp on Saturday.

The Kouga Cultural Centre on Saturday. Photo: Clive Wright
The Kouga Cultural Centre on Saturday. Photo: Clive Wright

Around 800 people from all over Kouga descended upon the Kouga Cultural Centre to listen to de Lille, who runs the most efficient city in South Africa.

The entire event was broadcast live on Kouga FM.

de Lille made a direct comparison between Cape Town and the Kouga, saying that there are only 600 people in Cape Town still using the bucket system (only because they refuse to use porta toilets) while 3 000 people in Kouga are still on the bucket system.

“The Kouga is is a mess and the ANC must be blamed for this mess,” said de Lille.

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Kouga democrat banner

“Where the DA governs, there is accountability, transparency and a lack of corruption. In the Eastern Cape the ANC is looting the provincial coffers and this is stealing from the poor,” said de Lille.

“We’re asking for houses and jobs, we’re not asking for swimming pools, added de Lille to loud applause from the audience.

South Africa’s 5th democratic election takes place on 7 May.

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