Man missing in Kromme River

On Saturday evening, the NSRI St Francis Bay responded to reports of a man who had disappeared in the Kromme River.

Kromme River. Photo: Clive Wright
Kromme River. Photo: Clive Wright

The incident occurred about 10 kilometres up river, after a small canoe that he and two friends were on capsized while the men paddled the canoe on the river.

The NSRI started to search for the 45 year old local man who, according to the two friends, had gone missing under water after the canoe that they were paddling on had capsized.

The two friends had raised the alarm after they had managed to reach the shore. They were not injured.

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NSRI rescue swimmers were deployed into the water and searches along the river banks as well as searches by boats on the river continued well into the night but despite an extensive search the man has not been found.

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