Major Archaeological site discovered in the Supertubes Park

The Supertubes Park is home to a big shell midden that could prove Jeffreys Bay was home to pastoralists from around the first century BC.

The exciting discovery was made in the Supertubes Park in 2009.

Water Wise/ Coast Care had removed invasive vegetation and had cut down the non indigenous trees on the western side of the Park.

This led to a section of sand dune becoming exposed, probably for the first time in many years.

A massive shell midden was discovered and it was big enough for the Supertubes Surfing Foundation to invite renowned archaeologist Dr Johan Binneman to come and have a look at the site.

In Dr Binneman’s opinion (without any excavation) the shell midden could be linked to the important site at the Kablejous River, where the first ever sheep bones were found amongst the shells of that midden.

This means that the first pastoralists in Southern Africa could well have been living on the beach at Jeffreys Bay from around the first century BC.

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Supertubes Line Up

The earliest livestock farming communities in Southern Africa were therefore about two or three centuries older than the oldest villages of iron-using farmers and herders south of the Zambezi.

A future project of Supertubes Foundation is the preservation and sensitive development of the Shell Midden so that it can become a tourist attraction and an educational tool to expose the history of the people that have come before us.

This part of the Supertubes Park has been protected with razor wire fence to protect the Shell Midden until a suitable project is on the table.

The Park could well become the start and end point for a Heritage Route that could include the Kabeljous Midden, Sarah Baartman Memorial Site as well as selected rock art sites in the Kouga.

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